Cody Edwards

Employee of the year

Cody joined the Goodwill Industries team as a janitor on November 22, 2019. This was his very first job and he was eager to learn the tasks he was responsible for as the janitor. He worked as a janitor for approximately two months before transferring to the position of full-time dock worker. As a dock worker, Cody is responsible for unloading donation trailers and taking the donations to the appropriate place so they can be sorted and sent to the retail stores. Cody always puts forth his very best effort to perform his job timely and efficiently. Any time you see Cody, he is working hard and has a bright smile on his face. He will perform any work task that he is asked to complete and will do it to the very best of his ability. Cody is a pleasure to work with and Goodwill is honored and proud to have Cody as an integral part of the team. Congratulations for achieving Employee of the Year!

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