Career Fundamentals

Looking for the basic skills to succeed in the current job market? Our library of Career Fundamental courses will provide the necessary skillset needed to kickstart your career.

Advanced Career Training

Jump starting your career or in the search for a new one? With hundreds of courses at the click of a button, our courses will guide you in the training you need while on the path to obtaining industry certifications.

High School Diploma

Don't let obtaining a GED be your only option if you have not completed High School. Let's assess your credits and get you on a path to get your High School diploma Today!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
- Nelson Mandela

Application for Education Assistance

Education Assistance Applications are available through our Mission Services Department.

Applications will be reviewed by Goodwill Senior Management for approval.

Once approved, applicants begin training. Students must complete the training in full within the required time frame established upon enrollment. If the approved applicant, decides for any reason not to complete the Training Program, they will have 10-days from the training start date to withdraw from the course. If an individual does not withdraw from the Training Program within the 10-day grace period, the student will be required to reimburse Goodwill Industries of Northeast Texas for the cost of the Program.

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Enrollment Policy

The Purpose of this Policy is to allow Goodwill Industries of Northeast Texas, Inc., to identify, analyze, and manage the Ed2Go Program. The program will be funded entirely through the organization's Round-Up campaign. The Round-Up monies will be maintained separately from other revenues and will have acceptable limits and a process for tracking in the organization's accounting system.

Ed2Go offers opportunities to complete many different trainings including a high school diploma program, GED program, career fundamental courses, and advanced career courses with certification programs.

If an individual is completing the high school diploma program, he/she must be 18 years of age or older.

If an individual is completing the GED program, he/she must be at least 16 years of age, have parental consent if under 18 years of age, and may not be enrolled in a high school or any other high school program.

Education Assistance funds are available from Goodwill Industries of Northeast Texas, Inc. and are available on a first-come first-serve basis with a priority given to those individuals in the High School Diploma and/or GED Training Programs.

There are no income requirements.

Individuals may work at their own pace but must complete the training within the allotted timeframe per program requirements.

As long as an individual owns or has access to a computer, he/she may work on the training program from home.

If an individual does not own or have access to a computer, training may be completed in the Goodwill Industries computer lab.

Goodwill Industries does offer tutoring assistance for many available courses. Tutoring assistance must be scheduled in advance to ensure tutors are available when needed.

Advanced career courses must be completed within a 12-month timeframe unless otherwise stated.

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