Dean Berry

Community Participant of the year

Dean was born in Houston, TX and raised in Oklahoma City from age 1 to 18. At age 18, then moved to Waxahachie, TX and has lived in the North Texas metroplex ever since. Dean is proud to say he’s an Okie from Houston, he gets the best of both worlds. Though Dean is a Dallas Cowboys, Mavs, Stars, Renegades, Texas Rangers fan, he remains a huge Oklahoma Sooners fan. Scripture inspires Dean’s civic mindedness the most. A favorite scripture is 1 Peter 4:10: Each of you should use whatever gifts you have recieved to serve ithers, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in it’s various forms. “I have many people who’ve inspired me in this direction also. But I’m sure my parents were most influential to me during my early years. They were very unselfish and giving of their time and energy.

They welcomed foster children to the home, one of whom they adopted, ran a church bus program and volunteer to this day at their local church. My takeaways from my timr volunteering at Goodwill: The employees get a true workplace enviroment but they also recieve special options that would not be available at most other employers. Employees seem to genuinely be happy to be at work, and they are definitely in an enviroment where they can learn valuable skills and be part of a social nertwork... a real social network that is not virtual or digitized. The managers and supervisors take their roles seriously and provide positive structure for their associates. I enjoy being in the building and feeling like one of the team participating in a genius idea and a great development opportunity.” Dean was a guest at our 2nd Annual Mission Possible Fundraiser and from that, was inspired to volunteer every other Saturday at our Lamar location. We appreciate his heart and time he gives to Goodwill. Our hope and goals are to continue to inspire advocaftes within the communities we serve. We feel blessed by Dean. Thank you for your time and heart with, and for Goodwill.

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