Chuck E. Cheese

Employer of the year

Chuck E Cheese is a chain of American Family Entertainment centers and restaurants. Chuck E Cheese serves pizza and other fast-food type menu items, complemented by various arcade games, with some animatronic displays as a focus on family entertainment.

The first Chuck E cheese opened in San Jose, California, May 17, 1977, as Chuck E cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre. The concept was created by Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell, who was credited with bringing video games, such as ‘Pong’, the mainstream public. The Pizza Time Theater was the first family restaurant to integrate food and animated entertainment with an indoor arcade. In 1990, the company began combining the two brands with the goal of renaming every location to Chuck E Cheese's Pizza.

In 2003,Chuck E Cheese opened in Sherman, Texas. Over the last nine years, Connie Smith has managed it. Before accepting that position, Connie had worked social services, as a case manager, in the Child Protective Services Division.

Chuck E Cheese has partnered with Workforce Development of Goodwill Industries of Northeast Texas, to help place consumers, that can possibly handle a demanding work position, within their family entertainment-restaurant business. Connie works well with the consumers from Workforce Development. She patiently trains each consumer for their job tasks as needed.

Goodwill appreciates Chuck E Cheese’s effort and support of our Mission. We hope to continue the partnership with Chuck E Cheese in placing consumers in self-respecting competitive jobs within the community.