Sulphur Springs Location

Store Of the Year

The Store of the Year Award was created to recognize the store whose manager and employees have exhibited exceptional job performance and growth throughout the year. Having 14 remarkable store, to choose from, the task of selecting the store of the year, is very challenging.

The criteria used to evaluate the stores for Retail Store of the Year includes providing top-notch customer service, knowledgeable employees, low employee turnover and continuous growth in sales and customer count over the previous year. The stores are also rated according to the visual appearance of the store including cleanliness, organization, displays and merchandising.

Achieving this honor also requires a manager and store employees that are committed to Goodwill’s mission to employ a diverse workforce and provide opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment.

The store employees must participate in safe work practices and always establish ethical work standards. It also requires a manager that is enthusiastic and has exceptional leadership skills. A manager that motivates their team to work together toward a common goal. Dianna is that manager, with an attitude to have the very best store possible. She is a positive role model that is committed to Goodwill’s mission. In 2021, under the management of Dianna Davis, the Sulphur Springs store met these criteria. She set goals for the store and made certain everyone worked together each day to accomplish them.

The employees work together as a team to ensure our customers and donors received the best service possible. They also work as a team to maintain a positive shopping experience for customers so that they will be more likely to return for future visits. The balance between knowledgeable store employees and a customer friendly environment is part of what makes the Sulphur Springs store so successful. This year, because of their contribution to the organization’s sales results, dedication, hard work and continuous growth in all areas of the store we recognize the Sulphur Springs store as Store of the Year. Congratulations on a job well done!

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