Texas Department of Public Safety

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“The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has a long history. In 1927, increasing truck traffic on the meager roads of Texas became a real problem, resulting in actual and potential damage to highways and bridges and endangering the safety of the public. With the advent of trucking as a major industry, the Texas Legislature found it necessary to create an organization to enforce existing regulations. By 1935, it was realized that the State's part in crime prevention and traffic control was inadequate. Accordingly, the Legislature created the Texas Department of Public Safety.  Then, as now, safety and security are the first priority. Highway Patrol Troopers, Texas Rangers, Criminal Investigations Special Agents, Driver License Division staff and all support personnel work toward that goal daily. The men and women of the Texas DPS investigate crimes and crashes, assist driver license customers, and work closely with our partner agencies in the Sherman/Denison area.  Our families live and work here as well, and all take great pride in our community.  This our home and we consider it an honor to serve the citizens.”  We are proud to partner with DPS and continue to serve their contract needs.

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