Michael Osborne

Mission in Motion Featured Story

Before Michael joined our Goodwill family, he had been inFederal Prison for 10 years charged with Possession of Firearms, and DrugTrafficking with Possession and intent.

For years this was the “easy life”, and the money was good.Having spent time in prison however, Michael realized that his family deservedhim at his best which meant working a full-time job once his sentence was up.

After several months searching for work, with so many leads,and great prospects, no one was calling him back for interviews which wasdiscouraging. It is easy to fall back into the system when you know what toexpect, you have no bills, no concern where your next meal is coming from, andevery day is the same, surrounded by the same type of individuals. It is easyto slip back into a lifestyle when you know at the worst, you go back toprison, but at the best, you know what to expect every day and no bills to pay.

After several discouraging months Michael took a chance andapplied with Goodwill and was hired immediately. With a work ethic as strong ashis heart is big, it has been 6 and a 1/2 years of stability, a future to buildon, hope, a desire to give back to the community, an opportunity to grow and iscurrently our Maintenance Manger.

When asked what his motivation is to stay out of prison,Michaels’s reply is, “My family supports me. Unfortunately, not everyone hasthat, I am thankful that I do. Goodwill called me back after applying and gaveme a chance, gave me an opportunity when no one else would.”

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