Mission in Motion

To improve the quality of life for people with disabilities or disadvantages. This is accomplished through education, training and placement in gainful employment.

Christina Teyvaw

Goodwill Industries of Northeast Texas employs about three hundred people in eighteen different locations across a territory of sixteen counties. Christina Tevyaw is one of these valued employees. The Marketing Department had the privilege of sitting down and asking her a few questions about this season in her life and how Goodwill has impacted that.

MD: How are you doing today?

CT: I’m doing great, thank you for asking.

MD: So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. You’ve been working here for five years now. What brought you to Goodwill?

CT: Honestly, it was God that led me here. I just knew there were people out there that I could help. I felt like I didn’t have a lot of support in my life at that time. And my relationship with God and my growth in Him really led me here to Goodwill. I just knew I needed to be here!

MD: We can hear it the tone of your voice and the spark in your eye that you truly are passionate about serving others. As a job coach, how are you able to continue that service?

CT: I love helping others, and being a job coach, I get to do that. Through the years, I’ve had a learning disability, and working here at Goodwill, I can now show others they too can push through their disabilities. Because learning disability or not, anything is achievable.

MD: I’ve seen you during the monthly meetings and during fellowship using sign language to help other employees. What inspired you to learn ASL?

CT: I just thought it was cool and interesting, and I knew I had to learn. I’ve watched people in the past and thought it was miraculous. I just thought it was the best way to really include others.

MD: Currently you are a job coach, but what other positions have you held here?

CT: I worked in the hanging department at first. I was really looking for something straightforward. After being in the hanging section for a while, it started to feel repetitive. So, I wanted to try something more challenge, plus Upper Management could tell that I was wanting more involvement. I wanted to discover more of my potential. Since I’ve been here, I’ve gotten to cross train in almost every department. Learning more about each department has help set me up for success. I learned where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and then in turn can help others find theirs.

MD: Your passion just radiates from you, and I can tell you are a very welcoming person. You always have a smile on your face every time I see you.

CT: Thank you! I’m passionate about my job because I want to help others like everyone here has helped me. I love meeting new people, whether I’m job coaching on location, helping in the retail stores, or even sorting the donations in the processing plant.

MD: I don’t want to take up anymore of your time, but before we go, what is one last thing you want to mention about your job here at Goodwill?

CT: I can say without a doubt in my mind, I enjoy coming to work and interacting with others here daily.

MD: Thank you for sitting down with us today and talking a little bit about your Goodwill experience.

CT: Thank you so much for having me! I just love it here!

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Core Values

Our core purpose is helping people thrive, every day. It is, fundamentally, why we exist as an organization, and it applies as much to the individuals we serve as it does to our employees. Core Values define how we work together to serve this purpose. Together they establish a set of standards embodied by our work, our relationships, and our professionals. They allow us to be genuine and fair in our judgments, to build deeper relationships with our customers, and to maintain an inclusive, flexible work environment. They are what we stand for and they guide us daily as we navigate the many issues and opportunities within our organization.
We manage the resources entrusted to us with responsibility and care.
We provide equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. We value and promote diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business.
We have a strong ethical foundation and demonstrate respect for the independence and intrinsic worth of each employee and individual we serve. We treat everyone as we ourselves want to be treated. We will treat one another, persons served, customers, and donors, with ethical integrity, dignity, and respect.
We value our personal and professional obligations and keep our promises.
We take ownership. We are responsible for our failures as well as our successes. We are responsible for our actions, products, decisions, and policies.
We expect our team members to make independent decisions.
Continuous Improvement
We are committed to the pursuit of excellence.
We will provide an avenue where the individuals we serve can develop a sense of self worth, learn to believe in themselves, and become productive citizens.

Partner Spotlight

Goodwill, Gainesville ISD, and Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services are partnering to provide training to students in high school in the special education department. Goodwill has teachers and job coaches on the high school campus five days a week to provide training in money management, job seeking skills, dressing for success, disability disclosure, and other skills on how to maintain a job. This partnership is very beneficial for all the students involved and allows these students to live more productive lives while in school and after graduation. Goodwill contracts with TWS-VRS to provide Vocational Adjustment Training, Job Coaching, Job Placement, and Support Employment Services. Through this partnership individuals with disabilities and disadvantage can learn the skills need to live and work successfully.
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Mission in Motion:

Our goal with #MissionPossible is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities or disadvantages. This is accomplished through education, training, and placement in gainful employment.

Basel Aftimos was referred to Goodwill Industries of Northeast Texas from the Texas Workforce Commission Vocational Rehabilitation Services for employment services. Basel had a very strong desire to work to support himself and his family. Basel was volunteering at different organizations in the Sherman area to gain new work skills.

When Basel was a young man both of his legs were amputated. Basel has not let the fact that he has prosthetic legs ever deter him from his desire to work. Basel expressed an interest in working many different places, with Goodwill being one of those organizations.

In 2016, Basel accepted a position as a custodian for Goodwill’s AS-IS store. Basel’s supervisor, Bruce Hill states that Basel demonstrates excellent work habits and job proficiency. Basel always meets or exceeds expectations. Bruce also states Basel works safely, reports to work on time, and is very personable and polite. Basel is a great example of Goodwill’s Mission of “Giving a Hand Up Rather Than a Hand Out”.

Due to Basel’s hard work and dedication he is receiving the award of Achiever of the Year. Congratulations!

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